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The company has a complete range of products, advanced machinery and equipment research and development, design, production, sales of high and low frequency transformers, current transformers, professional manufacturers. The company is located in Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, the home of Chinese household appliances. The high quality products we have passed have been tested and certified by authoritative organizations, which meet the requirements of environmental protection.

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Warm congratulations on the success of fine electronics 2016 annual party. Wish all sectors of society 2017 New Year's progress.

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2016 is doomed to be an extraordinary year.
In today's highly competitive market environment, it is not easy to do a good job, and the company can grow up against the market. It is inseparable from the efforts of every employee and the strong support of the partners. It can not be separated from a sagacious and visionary pilot.
"Do not forget the beginning of the heart must always be" is the general manager He Chaoming's belief in running businesses.
In the afternoon of January 13, 2017, under the leadership of Ho general and the management team of the enterprise, the micro electronics showed the extraordinary strength of the team in the deer Yin Hall of Ronggui deer hotel to nearly 800 guests.

The company's team is growing, and thanks to every subtle family.
Staff and guests sign in.

The dinner party begins at 19:10.

The general manager gave a new year's speech and made a team presentation, with a subtle aim: "smart design, smile service!" Meticulous creation, smile service! " The entire factory staff shouted together, and the meeting was instantaneous and passionate.


Award outstanding advanced staff and commend outstanding backbone.

After the first round of the third prize, a handsome man from the business department sang: "Sincere heroes" do not experience storms, how to see the rainbow, no one can casually succeed.

Then, the sales elite of Yueshun Real Estate, a partner, sent Nobody, a hot dance, which drew cheers from the audience.

Yuen Shun Real estate general manager delivers new year's greetings.

ingwei electronics is an enterprise focusing on quality, service and integrity. Wholeheartedly good products, conscience enterprises, give back to society!
There are many prizes on the stage.
Surprise award a wave after wave...

The guests were filled with joy and joy.

The company executives bring the sign language dance "thanksgiving heart", the team has a good development, because each family is grateful heart, thankful for everything we have now...


Happy times always pass quickly, and when the host announces the end of the party, the delicate family and guests are still in the mood...

Happy new year to our family, guests and people from all walks of life: 2017! Good health! Happy family!
We'll get together next year...
2017 we will be better!


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