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EI41-21004502X rice cooker transformer

What is the main purpose of the recommended transformer for the fine rice cooker transformer?

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  • What is the main purpose of the recommended transformer for the fine rice cooker transformer?

    Isolation transformer

    Electrical isolation-in addition to maintaining mechanical equipment, but also to maintain the safety of life! Protection against dangerous voltages. Prevention of some accidents. The output and input capacitive coupling of the isolation transformer is small, which can suppress the effects of lightning strikes, charging and discharging, grid conversion, motor starting, and other grid drying. From this point of view, the isolation transformer is a large number of maintenance machinery and equipment.

    power engineering transformer

    A power engineering transformer is a static data electrical device used to change a certain value (current amount) of AC voltage to another or various different voltages (current amount) of the same frequency. Power engineering transformer is one of the key equipment of power plant and distribution station, step-down transformer, transformer

    The key role is voltage conversion, voltage increase or decrease the larger power of the transformer.

    Three-phase transformer

    According to the choice of the coupling group, it also has the effect of suppressing the third harmonic (mainly the triangular interface method, the third harmonic is consumed in the no-load control loop), and the leakage inductance of the transformer is used to develop the filter. What is the key role of the transformer?

    Important function or voltage conversion, voltage increase or decrease.

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